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  • Scanergie is an independent marketing research and development institution, specialized in qualitative studies, in France and internationally.

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    A multidisciplinary team, with broad and deep experience, and passionate about consumer behavior and trends.

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    We create specific methodologies tailored to your requirements and current behaviors.

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    In-depth monitoring from operational consultancy to learning workshop.

Passionate about studies for over 25 years.

Established in 1986 by Hervé Forest and Nicole Penhouët, Scanergie has now almost 2000 studies under its belt, B2B and B2C, carried out in France and internationally.

This experience makes Scanergie a major player in the studies sector, and is the guarantee that you will receive a bespoke service, as well as solid market know-how, and insight applicable to contemporary and future situations.

Scanergie has been historically present in all consumer sectors and topics (brand, services, products, ranges, ...)


Scanergie can carry out your qualitative studies everywhere in France. For 15 years now, Scanergie has intentionally been fostering international business. Scanergie now has a network of trusted partners, with significant experience in cultural mediation.
These past months have seen Scanergie work in :
Internationally : Barcelona, Berlin, Braga, Budapest, Lisbon, Louvain-la-Neuve, Madrid, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Prague, Saratoga…
France : Angoulême, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Besançon, Caen, Drancy, Le Havre, Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Reims, Rennes, Sevran, Toulouse, Tours, Vannes…


An in-house team of experienced specialists of qualitative studies with a wide range of skills : philosophy, psychology, sociology, semiology, ethnology, anthropology and gastronomy.

Scanergie also works with external consultants, specialists in their fields : head chefs, stylists, graphic designers, architects, photographers, stage directors, psychoanalysts, semiologists, etc..


  • Hervé Forest

    Doctor of philosophy. Passionate about issues exploring values and meaning. Specialized in shopper circuits in France and internationally, the development and evolution of commercial areas, the evaluation of editorial projects, and processes relative to technology transfers.

  • Nicole Penhouet

    Analyst Psychologist. Passionate about fashion, beauty, decoration and the food sectors; specialized in consumer remote purchasing behavior (paper and digital), product innovation and sensorial developments.

See everything, understand everything, transmit with insight and accuracy.

Regardless of whether your challenge be strategic or operational in nature, we can develop bespoke methodologies to meet your challenges clearly and efficiently.


As an observer of trending behaviors, we provide solutions concerning : Brand, Target, Universe, Product, Range, Merchandising, Packaging, Service, Concept, Communication.

We are active in all sectors related to consumption, B2B and B2C (major distribution channels, selective distribution channels, web, multi-channels).

A single studies manager is assigned to your study right from the initial briefing, and stays with your study until the results are handed over to you; this makes for clear and operational recommendations.

Our goal : identify real motivations and opportunities, to provide efficient decision-making support.


In the course of the past 25 years working by your side, we have also developed 4 sectors of in-house expertise : remote selling ; publishing and training ; gastronomy ; retail. Drawing on this experience, we have implemented more specific studies.


Remote Selling (web and paper)

WHO :websites/applications/catalogs/general public or professionals, generalists and specialists (clothing, household linen, cosmetics, office supplies, etc.). OUR TARGET : the shopper WHAT ? provide assistance in encouraging online shoppers to actually proceed to a purchase. Enhance the overall user pleasure when consulting sites, catalogs and so on. Reinforce the level of consistency as regards points of contact. Identify the reading keys and page logic (text, photos, prices, services) as well as sector and site logic. Optimize the impact of sales pitches used in mail shots, newsletters, and so on.

Publishing and Training (classroom and e-learning)

WHO : Coffee book tables. Gift books. Extracurricular/after-school publications. University publications (paper, digital, classroom, e-learning, etc.). OUR TARGET : Readers, Learners. WHAT ? Understand and formulate conditions relative to innovation and technological developments. Optimize covers, homepages, editorial content. Stimulate scenarios leading to consultation, expressions of interest, purchases, and so on.

Retail Areas and Shopping Malls:

WHO : Retail outlets. Kiosks. Sales areas. Restaurant/catering. Specialist vendors. Shopping malls. Shopping centers. OUR TARGET : Shoppers WHAT ? Identifying customer expectations. Boost the level of attractiveness and links. Optimize customer circuits and relations. Develop original projects, renovation projects, extension projects, differentiation projects, and so on.

Gastronomy - Culinary Arts and Food-Processing Industry

WHO : Industrial players in the culinary arts and food processing sectors. Restaurant owners/operators. Chefs. Caterers. OUR TARGET : Consumers. WHAT ? Provide support to R&D and Marketing department in creating or consolidating offers in terms of recipes (sensorial, organoleptic, aesthetic, user-friendliness and consumption), merchandising and brand strategy, packaging and claims, positioning and communication.

Our studies

  • Image assessment studies

  • Usages and attitudes studies

  • Communication pre-tests/post-tests studies

  • Concept pre-tests/post-tests studies

  • Prospective studies

  • Positioning studies

  • Exploratory studies

  • Kali kanti Studies

  • Reading experience/Circuit study

    Assess and optimize the attractiveness of an editorial content (digital and paper) measured in terms of spontaneous interest, overall comprehension, consultation and manipulation, phases, interest and pleasure, acquisition and understanding, perceived benefits, expectations.

  • Concept pilot study

    Starting from several expressions of a given concept, identify the semantic field and visual representations perceived, by the consumer, as being the most attractive and expressive. Optimization and validation of the marketing mix.

  • Bataclan Study

    Starting from the production of an R&D laboratory in regards to the team (entrée, dessert, etc.), identify the recipes perceived as being the most attractive, best targeted and most expected on sensorial and cultural levels. Identify a semantic to express the concepts. Optimization and validation of the product mix.

  • Customer Circuit Study

    Identify all factors (concepts, actions, criteria, axes) relative to stimulating customer frequency. Consolidate the understanding of the center/customer relationship (image, ethology). Update expectations and optimization levers.

  • Perception Study

    Examine all customer (and/or prospect) perceptions relative to the sites, applications, sectors, pages, and commercial actions of a distance retailer. Prepare precise and detailed specifications in order to build or boost virtual sales area.

  • Pilot Studies for the creation of Commercial Areas

    Creation of commercial centers. Assessment of customer interest end of positioning.

  • Contact Point Study

    Verify and optimize consistency and multi-network synergy for a given brand.

  • Technological Development Study

    optimize the transfer of content between media (multi-channel: paper, laptop, tablet, smart phone, games consoles, etc.) in terms of user appeal, user-friendliness, educational content, these of acquisition.

Our methods

  • Group focus/Group meeting (in situ, classrooms)

  • Mini-groups

  • Family workshops

  • Dyads and Triads

  • Individual interview (domicile, in situ, classroom)

  • Workshop/Creativity groups

  • Netnography

  • Bulletin board

  • Online focus

  • Semiology

  • Live-in seminars

  • Ethnographic observation of shopper circuits (in situ : streets, shopping malls, catalogs and web or in classroom).

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